Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 before 30

Soooo, in keeping with my inconsistency (literary device for that, anyone??), I have decided not to write about anything specifically literary today either. Today's post idea I actually got from another blog that I can't remember at the moment, but all credit goes to them!

Well, upon 5-10 minutes of internetting, I have found you a quote,

"In the long run, men hit only what they aim for. Therefore, though they should fail immediately, they had better aim at something high." ~Henry David Thorough

What do you know, it's literary after all.

Alright, now for the actual contents of the blog instead of the fluff. (Yes, I was an English major. I have a fine tooth comb set aside for fluff in writing, and I know it when I see/produce it.) I have decided that in order to make my life seem slightly less aimless after graduating from college into a less-than-awesome economy, I will make a list of 30 goals I wish to achieve before the age of 30. Though, to warn you ahead of time, the full 30 will more than likely not be written down as of today's post. Maybe not even 10. I will keep you updated. Okay. Here we go.


Melissa's 30 before 30

1. Take art lessons/learn to draw more than stick people
2. Actually read a whole Russian lit novel (not in Russian, of course)
3. Publish a full-length manuscript of any genre
4. Earn an MFA in Creative Writing
5. See Death Cab for Cutie in concert (yes, my goals are deep and meaningful--and also might derive from day-before amazing CD releases)
6. Swim a mile without stopping to gasp for breath
7. Travel to Europe (England being the primary reason, but I will take what I can get)
8. Receive a letter from someone I've never known before who has read and been touched by something I've written.

I'm faltering....I know. I didn't even make it to 10....But, don't say you weren't warned. Will update as I think of more, promise!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to Mel's Blog 2.0!

Sorry for the confusion. I don't have multiple personalities that write two separate blogs; I have simply switched to this one because I like it better.

I know you were worried. Er--so anyway.

This new blog idea came to me (as all my best ideas do) at approximately 1 something in the morning. Such is life.

Since my mind is obsessively literary anyway, I have decided to take advantage of that fact and provide you with entertainment from within the dark and twisting passages of my brain. I tend to see life in symbols to the point where I become paranoid when I see a raven (catch that allusion?) lurking on my back porch roof. Yes, ravens lurk. Ever since that poem.

Now for a fair warning: because I myself am somewhat inconsistent, this blog will by no means be consistently about literary stuff all the time. That would be boring, I understand. However, feel free to connect my non-literary posts to literary stuff anyway and create your very own Freudian/Jungian/Feminist theory about my basic psychotic makeup. Your call.

On a literary side note, the ocean here in Chucktown was three different colors today when I went to the beach. Also, I saw a porpoise out there. Those happen to be symbols both of change and of saving lives. Fun fact. A symbol of my inconsistency and sudden blog change that will actually save lives??? Or not. I just wanted to have something literary to kick us off. Make of it what you will. I just thought it was awesome, and I might write a poem about it.

Alright then, that's enough of that! Hope you enjoy the new blog.